About HIF

Our Story

We began Humans in Finance (HIF) with the aim of demonstrating the positive impact that the industry can and does have on the global economy. We give a platform to those whose work contributes to society, raise awareness of the growing number of organisations that support positive impact via finance and showcase the innovative financial tools available to help build a more sustainable world.

Our vision is to inspire all to take action, motivate the next generation to join our industry and drive forward the movement to make the industry fairer and more responsible.

What is Humans in Finance?

  • Established in 2016, we are a social enterprise dedicated to accelerating the positive evolution of the financial services industry
  • Humankind is witnessing a plethora of existential challenges - we believe the finance industry has a critical role to play in catalysing a more prosperous and sustainable future for all
  • We celebrate the stories of inspirational and wonderful people in finance around the world, to provide role models to rising talent, improve the sector's image, and to restore workplace purpose and pride
  • Through our events and collaborations, we also bring together those driving the wider movement to enhance the integrity and sustainability of finance
  • Through our advocacy and research, we remain committed to exploring ways to harness the immense power of the industry as a valuable contributor to our global economy
  • We are a global community, from every walk of life, united by our vision. So come along for the ride and be part of the journey - join our movement today