Humans in Finance

It’s time to unlock the real power of finance.

What is Humans in Finance?

Banker bashing is so last year…

We think it’s about time something is done to improve the image of the financial services industry.

So we are celebrating the inspirational and wonderful people in finance around the world.

We share the stories of these awesome people and hope to inspire others through them.

We think current professionals should be able to utilise their valuable skillset in a way that benefits society and our planet.

We want everyone to know about all the fantastic innovative financial tools available to help solve some of society’s greatest challenges.

We want current professionals to be able to proudly say “I work in finance”.

We want people everywhere to recognise the finance industry as a valuable contributor to making this world a better place for all.

We want to drive forward the movement to make the industry fit and sustainable for the future.

We want to inspire future generations to be part of this industry.

So come along for the ride, be part of the journey and join the movement today

The Team

Zahra Husain

Investment Director, Credit Fund

"What excites me? The incredible potential the industry has to make REAL positive change around the globe. Money makes the world go round and this money is now going to have social conscience. Our stories show 'Finance 2.0' is already here, we are just doing our part to mobilise it."

Sarah Laitung

Corporate Finance Advisor, UK Government

"Why should people in finance care about ‘impact’? EVERYONE should. And those in society with power, influence and money can make a huge difference if they bring environmental and social impact considerations into all aspects of capital raising and advisory work. HIF is an opportunity to engage millennials in particular in this movement."

Asad Husain

Vice-President, Financial Institutions Debt Capital Markets

"What inspires me? Knowing there are many people in our industry who share the same vision of making the world a better place. These are the real humans in finance and by celebrating them, we hope to inspire the next generation of leaders to use the power of the industry to make a positive impact."


Knock yourself out with a selection of just some of our awesome stories below.
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Alex Pitt

“I co-founded Mustard Seed with my great friend Henry Wigan. We had a shared passion about the potential for business to be conducted in a better way. We also realised there is a huge unmet need for capital among talented millennials with impactful ideas.”

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Dalia Aga-Shaw

“There have been many happy and gratifying moments working in the impact finance sector. I’m happiest on-the-ground visiting investee businesses and meeting talented entrepreneurs. Seeing the direct impact that the work of CDC has done in a country, however big or small, is incredibly energising.”

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Ali El Idrissi

“One cause of so many of today’s societal challenges that I feel passionate about is our mass consumption model. I believe that transitioning to a more sustainable model of consumption can lead to significantly better outcomes for our lives, our health and our planet.”

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Min Teo

“Millenials are the first mobile generation who have benefitted from the broad distribution of information on demand. This necessitates a degree of discernment and idealism - challenging the status quo has always been the first step to lasting change.”

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Leo Harris

“Don’t be afraid to drastically change the direction of your life. People seem to be afraid to do this without certainty over the final outcome. Dare to live the extraordinary.”

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Cikida Gcali

“I am the founder of The Money Fam, a digital publication with the mission of being the #1 destination for ambitious millennials and their money. We create content that inspires millennials to cultivate a financially healthy lifestyle as they master their careers.”

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Faisel Rahman

"In 2005, I started up Fair Finance, a social business, with the goal of putting an end to financial exclusion. We provide advice for free and affordable credit services to individuals and micro businesses in the UK. I hope one day we can live in a world where everyone has access to fair finance."

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Annabel Ross

“Press pause. Go with an open mind to evening talks and into nature. Listen to podcasts, speak to new people and listen to your intuition. Be curious, get excited, persist and don’t panic.”

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Ilan Ganot

“When my then 2-year old son Eytani was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a rare and typically fatal genetic disease, it was a huge shock. This sparked my decision to use my roots in finance to set up Solid Biosciences, a company solely focused on finding a treatment for children who suffer from Duchenne.”

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